Fostering for OAW

We will always be searching for people willing to share their homes with these rescued pets because being in your home is their greatest chance for success. Hear us out: The most impactful way to help at-risk animals in need is unquestionably to start fostering. It is the most challenging in terms of what you put in and by far the most rewarding in terms of what you will get out of it. You have the opportunity to not only house them but to help them transition into their forever home smoothly by socializing and educating them about home life. So, if you have the time, space, and love to give, we will provide the rest (everything - including food and medical care).


Foster homes serve another extremely important purpose when it comes to finding homes for these creatures - your homes give our adoptable animals a supportive environment and a break from the constant stresses of kennel life. A stressed-out animal is an anxious animal and anxious animals can make adopters nervous and second-guess how the pet will be when it gets home with them. Whereas when a pet transitions from a foster home to a forever home, the process is fairly straightforward from the pet's point of view. Even if the kennel pets do get adopted, it can be much harder for those pets (who are used to a kennel atmosphere) to know what to do and how to act right from the start with their new families.


The joy you will feel helping these animals is indescribable. Seeing them go off with their forever families is difficult because you will have come to care for them and you know you'll miss them but it is also overwhelmingly joyous because you will get to see how much you helped make a new life happen for that pet. We can say with confidence, there's no better feeling.


If you're interested in becoming a foster for us, please complete the online application or print the document below and return it to us in person or by scanning it and emailing it to

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